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About Argentic

Argentic draws on over 25 years of experience in medical diagnostics, infectious disease testing, and drug and alcohol testing. Using the knowledge gained in these fields Argentic has developed and sourced a range of valuable monitoring and testing services for workplace safety, health and welfare.

This includes the Argentic new development, the ‘benzene box’, which uses the technique of bio-monitoring to enable rapid, accurate and cost-effective workplace benzene testing.

The Benzene Box self-collection system uses the SPMA urine assay, allowing simple, accurate and cost effective benzene bio-monitoring; helping organisations reduce workplace risk for employees and others.

Bio-monitoring is proving to be an excellent tool for managing workplace risk, as it can be used to directly monitor an individual’s exposure to carcinogens such as benzene. Exposure levels are directly recorded in the individual, demonstrating with certainty the effectiveness of PPE and safety systems, and alerting employers in the event of accidents or emissions.

Argentic’s partner laboratory was established by oil industry scientific experts, who developed the unique SPMA immunoassay, which forms the basis of the bio-monitoring service for benzene exposure.

Safety and palatability of drinking water will be one of the many subjects of the new Maritime MLC regulations. Argentic’s drinking water chlorine monitoring tests use tried and tested easy – to – use comparator technology to help ensure compliance and crew welfare by demonstrating appropriate chlorination of water supplies.

Argentic’s ‘PharmChek’ sweat collection patch system for drug testing is widely used to reduce risk in the workplace. It is also major tool in the drug care sector, including rehabilitation and probation services. It is finding favour with donors and collectors in preference to urine, saliva or hair samples. The patch is also now proving valuable for clinical research as it can be worn for periods of up to 10 days, allowing collection of sufficient sweat volume for in-house analysis.

Argentic continues to introduce new easy-to-use products and services, designed to deliver improved workplace safety and health, and to ensure compliance with the requirements of regulations such as REACH, COSHH, OCIMF, MLC and others.

Argentic’s range of products and services include:

In order to hear more about how Argentic help your organisation benefit from the latest safety and health technologies, please contact us at info@argentic.co or call us on +44 (0)207 7278

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