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Drug testing and research products

Non-invasive drugs -of- abuse testing
In order to be effective, drugs testing should cause minimum distress to donors and operators. Argentic’s new ‘PharmChek™’ sweat collection patch service removes the concerns regarding hygiene and invasiveness when using urine, saliva and hair as drug test sampling methods.

The discrete collection patch is worn over a 2 >10 day period to enable the most appropriate sample collection window for the client need. The patch is unique in that it is tamper-evident and adulteration is not possible. In addition, sample dilution by drinking large volumes has no effect on the concentration of drug in the collected sample.

At the end of the period the patch is removed and sent under chain-of -custody to Argentic’s testing laboratory for analysis. Samples are screened for the presence of drugs, and any positives are confirmed by LC/MS/MS. The system delivers legally defensible results in a rapid turnaround time of 2 working days. Client results may be accessed remotely and securely via the internet.

Argentic’s ‘PharmChek’ patch collection and analysis service currently identifies the use of the following drugs:

Patch items

Primary uses of the ‘PharmChek’ patch system : –

Workplace drug test programmes
Argentic’s sweat patch drug testing service is used by many organisations in their workplace drug test programmes. The ease of use and non-invasive nature of the patch system results in greater acceptance and compliance by programme subjects. The ‘PharmChek™’ patch is also gender neutral, removing the need for same gender collection personnel.

Drug rehabilitation and probation services
Use of the patch system also offers many benefits for the drug rehabilitation and probation sectors, as it limits the need for frequent, unpleasant and invasive urine and saliva sampling.

Cost and time savings have been made as a result of decreased testing frequency and reduced sample collection time.

Clinical trials
During clinical trials it is usually a requirement of CRO’s that subjects remain drug-free prior to, and during, the period of the study. Argentic’s sweat patch collection and analysis system allows continuous measurement for periods of up to 10 days at a time, reducing programme disruption and minimising costs.

Clinical and pharmaceutical research
Argentic’s sweat patch provides an unobtrusive and highly effective means collecting sweat for research analysis. Argentic therefore also offers the patch as a sample collection device only, for organisations equipped to perform appropriate analysis of compounds under study.

Sweat collection patches offer a valuable alternative to blood sampling in areas such as cytokine research, where studies have shown good correlation with serum levels.

Patches also offer significant advantages for ambulatory or long term sample collection.